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Is This Your Season of Transformation

I've talked a lot about transformation lately and most know I've launched my life coaching LLC, Transformation Seasons Life Coaching LLC. Transformation in a simple form is a dramatic change, It is common for us to acknowledge this concept in nature but often we don't acknowledge how this concept is shown in human form.

These past 4 years have been a whirlwind and I often felt alone, misunderstood, and lost. From mental health struggles to location moves, graduate school, divorce, and more. I felt stuck on autopilot getting all the things checked off my list and still was not feeling fulfilled. I would often get stuck in my thoughts and took a victimhood mindset when it came to my circumstances.

We all know seasons come and go which is evident with Fall creeping in at least for my Midwest folks.

I had to remember that we as people also go through our seasons whether we label it good or bad, ups or downs. When I saw this perspective it gave me a window to see where I have been and where I could go from there. I know I often would say I wanted to get back where I was, whether it was my college weight or energy or whatever it was at the time. With me constantly wanting to go back I didn't see the potential for growth and transformation. We are constantly in a state of change, we can allow it to overwhelm us or move us into action. I slowly had to understand life was not happening to me and take control by making intentional decisions.

I hope to be a guide for other women who may feel stagnant in life, have a list of unaccomplished goals, and desire to improve themselves. Let's find that window of hope and opportunity through perspective change, self-awareness, and learning new skills. Let's make this your season of transformation.

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