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Intentions , Affirmations For the Soul

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Lately I find myself using my oracle cards , scripture, daily todos and intuition to guide me in a positive and affirming message for the day. Setting intentions can guide the day and set the tone for productivity.

Productivity can look differently if my intention is to increase self care and relaxation , turning my

phone off and taking a walk then a nap may be seen as a productive day. Lets say my intention is to increase positive energy toward others and you shared a smile or paid for someones meal its productive because it is in alignment with your goals however different they may look.

Please Share your Positive Intentions , Goals , Wants or Desires for Life and Whole Self or comment if you would like help creating your own!


''I set the intention of believing whole heartedly in my dream even when the picture is not 100% clear and moving forward. "

"I set my intentions to hold myself accountable and with compassion and reverence."

" I set intentions to work even without a end goal , I will transform , evolve and give love light and support to myself and others. "

" I set my intentions to choose the path of healing, creating a time a bliss and letting go of what no longer serves me "

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