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Creating Purpose from Pain

We often feel lost in life when we don’t have a clear path forward. We often look to our past wanting to change what has been done to give us clarity. We however all know we can’t change the past but we can use it to go forward.We can look at what we've been through to explore next steps in life to avoid stagnation.

Often our pain, struggles , mistakes and failures give us passions, ideas and desires we wouldn’t have otherwise. When we're open to ebb and flow of life we can rekindle old interest, remember our childhood wonder. Leaning into the pain and obstacles we endured in order to become something bigger than ourselves.

We have the power to turn our pain into someone else's blessing, whether that is through coaching, peer counseling , mentoring , starting your own organization etc . You can turn what you've been through into your purpose.

How will you explore your past struggles and use it to go forward in life ?

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